Southern Cross Oracle

Painting on my little hill in the middle of paradise.

Artist and Author - Laura Bowen 

A glimpse into the creative chaos of my kitchen table, dotting feathers, half finish artworks and paint tubes. This is my passion.  


The Artist

Laura Bowen  is an artist, writer and nature lover. Her Indigenous connections are to the Biripia and Worimi people of the Manning Valley in N.S.W. Laura takes a lot of pride in not only her Indigenous heritage but of all the influences sewn into the tapestry that is her bloodline. 

Laura is currently living on the Gumbainggirr camping grounds on the Mid North Coast of N.S.W  Australia, on a hill, in the middle of paradise.  She shares her days with her adorably sexy husband, her 5 children, two pet snakes and a cat named Bella.  

Australia is an ancient continent and its energy vibrates strongly, 40, 000 years of a living Aboriginal culture has in bedded this land with an amazing wealth of Knowledge, spirituality, wisdom and way of life.  Laura is opening up her heart, her insight and her experiences on the hill in the little Bellingen valley. 

Growing up, Laura was instructed by 5 generations of strong and talented men and women. Laura was encouraged to look to her natural environment for answers and insight and now, through her Art and her writing, she wishes to share with you all a glimpse of the magic she sees in her immediate environment and encourage a deeper connection between ourselves and the world around us.